Enter a valid MEID or ESN Serial Number in either HEX or DEC format. In addition to the conversion values you will also recieve your MetroPCS SPC Code, if needed.

In Batch

Enter a valid MEID or ESN Serial Number in either HEX or DEC format, one per line or coma separated. In addition to the conversion values you will also recieve your MetroPCS SPC Code, if needed.

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Via HTTP Request

You can now convert one or more MEIDs via a HTTP Request. You will recieve a JSON response.

To convert one MEID, make a HTTP Request to:

To convert more than one MEID, make a HTTP Request to:[]=MEID_1_HERE&meid[]=MEID_2_HERE ....

For example, a HTTP request to will return the following JSON response:


And for multiple conversions, a HTTP request to[]=270113181116019285&meid[]=270113181116019286&meid[]=270113181116019287 will return the following JSON response:


Use this tool to check if an IMEI is valid based upon Luhn Checksum or to determine the digit if needed. This is useful for MEID's which also have an IMEI and you may need that check digit.

Also available for download is a Android version. The Android version is available for free on the market and the source code is available online at GitHub

  • Free Download
  • 100% Ad Free
  • Converts MEID, IMEI, ESN from/to HEX/DEC
  • Calculates MetroPCS SPC
  • Saves your conversion history for future lookup
  • Includes English, Spanish, and French Languages
  • Android 2.x+ Compatible
Download from Play Store View/Download Source from GitHub


A converter written in PHP, the same classes used by this website.


A converter written in Java is available within the Android Application. It is not dependent on Android and can be reused in your Java application.


A converter written in C++ is available! Visual Studio project included.


A converter written in javascript is available on's android page.

The download lists below are various files, resources, and programs that I have found over the years of flashing and I either find them useful, or hard to find. Some are PRLs, some ROMS, others are tools to assist in flashing. I hope you enjoy!

These are just some of the files I have archived over the years. You can find everything listed here and so much more on the following Google Drive public shares:

This website allows for the online coversion of ESN, MEID, and IMEI Serial Numbers associated with CDMA Phones.

Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia on what an MEID is:

A mobile equipment identifier (MEID) is a globally unique number identifying a physical piece of CDMA mobile station equipment. The number format is defined by the 3GPP2 report S.R0048 but in practical terms it can be seen as an IMEI but with hexadecimal digits.

An MEID is 56 bits long (14 hex digits). It consists of three fields, including an 8-bit regional code (RR), a 24-bit manufacturer code, and a 24-bit manufacturer-assigned serial number. The check digit (CD) is not considered part of the MEID.

The MEID was created to replace ESNs, whose virgin form was exhausted in November 2008. As of TIA/EIA/IS-41 Revision D and TIA/EIA/IS-2000 Rev C, the ESN is still a required field in many messages for compatibility, devices with an MEID can use a pseudo ESN (pESN), which is a manufacturer code of 0x80 (formerly reserved) followed by the least significant 24 bits of the SHA-1 hash of the MEID.

This website will never collect any personal information. All conversions completed on this website are not stored, reviewed, or shared.